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once a opossum ran on stage with me
Chris Sebilia is a comedic swiss-army-knife. darkly analytical. He’s as endearing as he is entertaining

Anxious, neurotic, yet somehow always relatable, Chris Sebilia is a stand up comedian based in Austin, Texas. His analytical nature and self-effacing personality make him as endearing as he is entertaining. His jokes come from personal insight and self-discovery, because what’s funnier than laughing at someone else’s insecurity? Right? …right? Seriously though, is there something funnier he could be writing about? He tried writing political commentary one time but no one liked it. You seem funny, what else should he be doing? Fine, you JERK. He’ll just keep doing what he’s doing hoping one day that someone will come across his website and hire him to write for a real show…He didn’t mean to call you a jerk, and he’s definitely not the one writing this intro.

Chris has performed at the Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival (Austin, TX), Big Little Comedy Festival (Cleveland, OH), Walk The Plank Comedy Competition (San Francisco, CA), and Black Box Comedy Festival (Atlanta, GA). He is currently the host and producer of ATX Tonight with Chris Sebilia, a charmingly-witty late night talk show focusing on joke-infused segments, absurd sketches, political commentary, and featuring locally-sourced, free-range, buzz worthy guests, bands, storytellers and more. The show pops off at The Hideout Theatre at 7th Congress, every Saturday. Around town he performs at Cap City Comedy Club, the Velveeta Room, Coldtowne Theater, and Buzzmill among many others. Previously he has written for shows like The News Movement, It’s Saturday Night, CT Late Night, and the Through all of this his favorite thing to write is still pseudo-pindaric limericks and fart jokes.

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"[ATX Tonight with Chris Sebilia] like if the Fallon Show had a soul." - Comedy Wham

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“This is the only way he’ll answer my calls” – Carol Sebilia, Chris’s mom